Glasswerks (TW014)

by Beatnok

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It may come as a surprise, but ‘Glasswerks’ marks the debut EP for label head Beatnok. After several singles, he finally comes into his own with this latest effort, delivering a thematically synchronous project. Divided into 3 parts, linked by keys and meant to be heard in order, ‘Glasswerks’ exists in the grey area where styles converge – club and garage rhythms coexist with dub techno textures, held together with the aesthetic ideology of autonomic drum and bass. Part 1 opens with a meditation on style vs. technique, before erupting into an off kilter club jam. Part 2, a critique on ‘finding your own voice’, is a bit softer in approach, with melodramatic punctuations giving way to a deep sub and a near empty mix. In Part 3, we come to a close both harmonically and thematically, with the narrator reflecting on what it means to move forward as an artist. The lone remix from Ground Mass boss Mark Kloud delivers a wonderfully organic extension of the record by internalizing the core ethos of the original before recontextualizing, letting the elements breath and interact in new ways. As a pragmatic label, we’ve decided to include two VIP mixes, Pts. 1 & 3, for use in the club. With an optimized arrangement, we hope you’ll find their versatility an exciting addition to any DJ set.


released September 1, 2015

Written and Produced by Beatnok
Artwork By Adam Bentley
Mastered By Matt Davis @ The Hacienda
Features audio from NPR's Philip Glass Interview (9/21/99)




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Track Name: Glass Pt. 1
"The relationship between technique and style, if you listen to, say, a measure of Rachmaninov, and then a measure of Bach, you know which is which, you know immediately; the question is why do you know that? You'll say 'Oh, that sounds Bach or that sounds like Rachmaninov, or that sounds like Stravinsky' and what you're hearing is, well let's put it this way, what you're hearing is predilection of the composer resolve a technical problem, in a highly personal way. So, the point is, and this is the other thing she didn't say in words that day but I understood completely, in order to arrive at a personal style, you have to have a technique to begin with. In other words, when I say that style is a special case of technique, you have to have the technique — you have to have a place to make the choices from. If you don't have a basis on which to make the choice, then you don't have a style at all. You have a series of accidents"
Track Name: Glass Pt. 2
When you find yourself in a place of total ignorance [of that kind], thats the place where you can begin again, begin learning again. The difficulty with any, not just artists, or musicians, but with anybody in any ordinary part of life, walk of life, the difficulty is how we continue to learn. Everybody has this problem: we get what we call enough training and education to a certain point, and then you spend the rest of your life changing gears in the same way...The real issue, i've always said to young people, is not how to find your voice, but how to get rid of it. Getting the voice isn't hard, it's getting rid of the damn thing, because once you've got it, you're kind of stuck with it.